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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Victory Crown

I have been having a few dreams lately about watching a race, or training for a race that is upon us,  and no more time to prepare.....this morning I dreamed
 a man and a women were cycling and running,she was on her bike and the man was about to pass her running,she stopped got off her bike and asked him did he want to ride with her,he said yes, he got on the bike and they were going to continue,he was obviously very fit and strong and fast,he was the one going to pedal now.
the next scene was, they were  surrounded by a crowd who seemed to be honoring them,they were each about to run a 100 meter race,it was being announced,the woman read out the announcement that the man was going to run,she was smiling at him and very pleased for him.
I then heard, you can't claim a victory prize if you give up,you have to keep going.

I asked the next morning ,what is happening in heaven ?  and I saw horses galloping.
it seems we are in a race,we need to persevere to obtain the victory crown. so many are facing challenging times and circumstances in their lives.
yesterday before this latest dream I had bought this at a chemist shop ,it has a crown on it,it seems to confirm the victory crown.
 just like in the dream,we may need the strength and endurance and help of others to keep on in our race.
I also was woken by a bird several weeks ago, for three mornings in a row, its call was like an alarm,it sounded like equip,equip equipment,that's it that's it equip,
 and another dream from a few weeks ago highlighted.
we need to have the new equipment for this race,the old won't do.Be a new wine skin, you will be worn out and poor if you don't have the new equipment to start this race,and it will damage those running in the race with you. There is no more time to train,the race is today it is upon us.
keep going,persevere,you will get the help and strength you need as you run your race, work together and you will obtain your victory crown

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A world of fear or a world of faith

 We look at the world and we see chaos throughout the world. No one knows what will happen next and if it will work out for good or for bad. Will terrorism go on or if some large war will breakout. If it is not terror and war it is economic collapse. The world is obsessed with fear.
So, what is the churches response to this?
We show no love for the perishing. We pray against those who are lost because they bring wickedness. We say it is because of the world’s wickedness that these things are happening. We have little to do with them because we fear that their wickedness will rub off on us and corrupt us but we are already corrupted for we have lost our way.
Our greatest commandment is love. We love our church and we walk in pride, but we were never commanded to love the church and we should walk in humility. We were commanded to love God above all things and to love our neighbour whoever that might be. We show our love for our God when we obey Him above all things. This is the order of things and if we do not love God above all things, then everything we do is corrupted. If we do not walk in love then we are better off joining the perishing for we will perish if we do not walk in love. We have forgotten that we were grafted into the vine and we can easily be separated from the true vine.
We see judgement coming on the world but remember this, judgement starts with the house of God. We have brought shame on the name of our Lord because we confess His name but we forget His commandments. We have become immoral and we have created idols of men and idols of things. We love them more that we love our Lord for if we knew the heart of God we would not be have celebration meetings, but we would be covering ourselves in ashes and weeping for the Lord is grieved and we need to repent.
We have avoided repentance but repentance is not something that we should avoid. It is something that we should desire to do, for it is in repentance that hope is found, for our God is a loving God and He is truly willing to forgive. It is out of repentance and a returning to our first love that we will become free. For who shall separate us from the love of God. I tell you the truth if we return to God, so will God return to us. It is time for us to remember our first love and unshackle ourselves with repentance for this is what the Lord desires.
Power is about to come on God’s people but it will not fall on those you might think it should fall. God will raise up those He chooses and will humble those He chooses. It will fall on those who love God first and walk in love for their neighbour. Our neighbour is not just those who do the things that we like but our neighbour is also the perishing. Love does not mean that we accept what they do but we need to love them despite what they do. We should not fear their corruption but we should transform them through the revelation of our Christ, our love and obedience to our God.
The church is coming out of the building. It is in our homes, our neighbourhoods and our cities. There is only one church. A time is coming on our nation and that time is very soon where the least of God’s servants will be more effective for the Lord than anyone has ever been in our nation in the past. They will not be seeking followers but the will only want to glorify their God. They will not build churches but they will bring people to Christ. Christ will set them free and Christ will build His church.
So, what should the churches response be to the chaos that is on the world?
We should draw near to God, cleanse ourselves so we are no longer weak and learn to love for love is the way of God’s servants and it is through love and obedience to God that we will know who the followers of Christ are. We should not walk in fear of what might happen in the world but we should walk in faith so that when everyone is afraid we can be a pillar that can be used to bring people to Christ.
God bless

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ash wednesday

so today is ash Wednesday,I remember years ago having the ahes drawn into a cross on my forehead,and today begins the start of fasting for lent.
I was thinking about fasting the other day,I think it is a good thing to fast ones body,not letting it dominate us all the time,today it seems that we always are encouraged to give our body what ever it desires,treat ourselves etc when probably what our body craves is a rest.
a rest from food,or a rest from the internet,the phone,media,people,just to rest and reset.
I think fasting not just from food helps clarity,so I think I will be fasting a little over the 40 days,and trying to be creative,fast from email,fast from thinking critically,being more compassionate,especially to people who have wounded me or that I have imagined have,fasting from impatience especially when watching the news on the TV,maybe I should fast that as well.
if you choose to fast,enjoy the rest!

flowers for a bride

Flowers have a secret, language, they have ancient  symbolism 
this is an excerpt from a Bride's journal and inspirational journey

The lily is often a favorite flower of many royal brides because of its meaning, return of happiness
The Arum represents a coming back to life the resurrection, the water lily or lotus the cycle of life, the lotus grows up from mud into a flower of great beauty, and can be a reminder that just as people go through difficulties that beauty can come through these times.
The lily   rich in symbolism, has trumpet shaped flowers which one can imagine at a wedding would be trumpeting out the sound of joy, a lily is a sweet and fragrant with a strong scent
White and beautiful, exceeding others for whiteness, meaning purity, in it are seven seeds that are the
colour of gold, royalty
A lily is very fruitful, one root may put forth fifty bulbs.
A lily is the tallest of flowers and yet hangs its head down, a beautiful picture of humility.
A lily has many medicinal qualities according to old teaching representing healing
The lily of the valley is a beautiful picture of the king in song of songs
I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley.   songs 2.1
My beloved is gone down into his garden to the bed of spices to feed in the garden and to gather lilies . songs 6.2
 Take a moment to record in these pages some thoughts of what you would like to proclaim through your wedding flowers, perhaps joy, return of happiness, fidelity what is your secret language to your groom.
You could also keep a few petals from the day in this journal as a reminder in years ahead how precious that meaning was to you.
Have a go at drawing your favorite flowers ,as I have done below,I had a dream on my wedding anniversary of a field of white lilies, they were in my wedding bouquet so it was a special message of love to me.
 a return of happiness

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The hidden nest

just arrived back from a visit to my sister's house,she lives in a beautiful part of the world, Jervis bay NSW.
one of the things I like about visiting that area is, the connection to nature comes so readily.
I was not disappointed this time around, as at night laying in bed I could hear the call of boo book owls serenading the night air.
the other surprise was a nest hidden,right at my sister's front door!
she has a hedge that has grown up just outside her front porch. I was sitting drinking tea one morning and I spied a small black bird darting into the hedge and not coming back out,which led me to investigate further.I then discovered three little birds,still not sure what type they are,but I loved how their beaks would open each time the hedge would rustle. this led me to muse about my sisters gift of hospitality to wild creatures and to humans,she provides seed and water to the wild birds and a place of refuge and rest both to feathered friends and to family.
I drew the nest for her and wrote about her' gift ' and presented it to her,I will henceforth refer to her home as The Hidden Nest

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Almond tree; being awakened

after writing yesterdays post about The Church and awakening,I remembered some months ago seeing an open vision of an Almond tree,it was beautiful and after doing some research found out that the almond tree is referred to as the awakening tree.
Aaron' s rod an almond tree budded when he was being commissioned to operate at a new and higher level.This is what The Church is being called to. I am adding to this post from 2013, I inserted this picture,but I also remembered a dream about being in a high place on top  of a ladder,it was very dark,i had to remain sitting on the top step all night long,people were making the ladder unstable,I wanted them to get off. I can definitely say,I have heard God say go higher over and over.
I also heard him say get your crown on,I was sitting praying with my  wedding crown on listening to a lady on the internet,when I heard her say,I am hearing these words shouted in heaven, GET YOUR CROWN ON it is time to rule.

Friday, December 16, 2016


my friend and I have been having dreams about a communal baby,we are watching over it,along with others. I then had a dream where my husband gave her a name, he called her Eden,he is the main caretaker of our garden,I design,he does the heavy work.In the dream he was being very solicitous of this baby making sure she was being watched and cared for. I think many are being called to watch over Eden at this time,some who know her father well and some who don't even know him yet.
my neighbor in the dream,called out her name,to make sure she was ok,she was outside our front fence in her basket,my husband called she was fine.

here is a picture of our Eden,our garden,this is why we call ourselves
planted by waters,because when in summer when the monsoon trough passes this way,we have a creek running through our property,and we also live near the sea,hence the plural waters.
I hope and pray Eden grows well,is watched and loved and cared for and flourishes like a well watered garden