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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The hidden nest

just arrived back from a visit to my sister's house,she lives in a beautiful part of the world, Jervis bay NSW.
one of the things I like about visiting that area is, the connection to nature comes so readily.
I was not disappointed this time around, as at night laying in bed I could hear the call of boo book owls serenading the night air.
the other surprise was a nest hidden,right at my sister's front door!
she has a hedge that has grown up just outside her front porch. I was sitting drinking tea one morning and I spied a small black bird darting into the hedge and not coming back out,which led me to investigate further.I then discovered three little birds,still not sure what type they are,but I loved how their beaks would open each time the hedge would rustle. this led me to muse about my sisters gift of hospitality to wild creatures and to humans,she provides seed and water to the wild birds and a place of refuge and rest both to feathered friends and to family.
I drew the nest for her and wrote about her' gift ' and presented it to her,I will henceforth refer to her home as The Hidden Nest

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