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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

flowers for a bride

Flowers have a secret, language, they have ancient  symbolism 
this is an excerpt from a Bride's journal and inspirational journey

The lily is often a favorite flower of many royal brides because of its meaning, return of happiness
The Arum represents a coming back to life the resurrection, the water lily or lotus the cycle of life, the lotus grows up from mud into a flower of great beauty, and can be a reminder that just as people go through difficulties that beauty can come through these times.
The lily   rich in symbolism, has trumpet shaped flowers which one can imagine at a wedding would be trumpeting out the sound of joy, a lily is a sweet and fragrant with a strong scent
White and beautiful, exceeding others for whiteness, meaning purity, in it are seven seeds that are the
colour of gold, royalty
A lily is very fruitful, one root may put forth fifty bulbs.
A lily is the tallest of flowers and yet hangs its head down, a beautiful picture of humility.
A lily has many medicinal qualities according to old teaching representing healing
The lily of the valley is a beautiful picture of the king in song of songs
I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley.   songs 2.1
My beloved is gone down into his garden to the bed of spices to feed in the garden and to gather lilies . songs 6.2
 Take a moment to record in these pages some thoughts of what you would like to proclaim through your wedding flowers, perhaps joy, return of happiness, fidelity what is your secret language to your groom.
You could also keep a few petals from the day in this journal as a reminder in years ahead how precious that meaning was to you.
Have a go at drawing your favorite flowers ,as I have done below,I had a dream on my wedding anniversary of a field of white lilies, they were in my wedding bouquet so it was a special message of love to me.
 a return of happiness

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