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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ash wednesday

so today is ash Wednesday,I remember years ago having the ahes drawn into a cross on my forehead,and today begins the start of fasting for lent.
I was thinking about fasting the other day,I think it is a good thing to fast ones body,not letting it dominate us all the time,today it seems that we always are encouraged to give our body what ever it desires,treat ourselves etc when probably what our body craves is a rest.
a rest from food,or a rest from the internet,the phone,media,people,just to rest and reset.
I think fasting not just from food helps clarity,so I think I will be fasting a little over the 40 days,and trying to be creative,fast from email,fast from thinking critically,being more compassionate,especially to people who have wounded me or that I have imagined have,fasting from impatience especially when watching the news on the TV,maybe I should fast that as well.
if you choose to fast,enjoy the rest!

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