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Saturday, May 13, 2017

A world of fear or a world of faith

 We look at the world and we see chaos throughout the world. No one knows what will happen next and if it will work out for good or for bad. Will terrorism go on or if some large war will breakout. If it is not terror and war it is economic collapse. The world is obsessed with fear.
So, what is the churches response to this?
We show no love for the perishing. We pray against those who are lost because they bring wickedness. We say it is because of the world’s wickedness that these things are happening. We have little to do with them because we fear that their wickedness will rub off on us and corrupt us but we are already corrupted for we have lost our way.
Our greatest commandment is love. We love our church and we walk in pride, but we were never commanded to love the church and we should walk in humility. We were commanded to love God above all things and to love our neighbour whoever that might be. We show our love for our God when we obey Him above all things. This is the order of things and if we do not love God above all things, then everything we do is corrupted. If we do not walk in love then we are better off joining the perishing for we will perish if we do not walk in love. We have forgotten that we were grafted into the vine and we can easily be separated from the true vine.
We see judgement coming on the world but remember this, judgement starts with the house of God. We have brought shame on the name of our Lord because we confess His name but we forget His commandments. We have become immoral and we have created idols of men and idols of things. We love them more that we love our Lord for if we knew the heart of God we would not be have celebration meetings, but we would be covering ourselves in ashes and weeping for the Lord is grieved and we need to repent.
We have avoided repentance but repentance is not something that we should avoid. It is something that we should desire to do, for it is in repentance that hope is found, for our God is a loving God and He is truly willing to forgive. It is out of repentance and a returning to our first love that we will become free. For who shall separate us from the love of God. I tell you the truth if we return to God, so will God return to us. It is time for us to remember our first love and unshackle ourselves with repentance for this is what the Lord desires.
Power is about to come on God’s people but it will not fall on those you might think it should fall. God will raise up those He chooses and will humble those He chooses. It will fall on those who love God first and walk in love for their neighbour. Our neighbour is not just those who do the things that we like but our neighbour is also the perishing. Love does not mean that we accept what they do but we need to love them despite what they do. We should not fear their corruption but we should transform them through the revelation of our Christ, our love and obedience to our God.
The church is coming out of the building. It is in our homes, our neighbourhoods and our cities. There is only one church. A time is coming on our nation and that time is very soon where the least of God’s servants will be more effective for the Lord than anyone has ever been in our nation in the past. They will not be seeking followers but the will only want to glorify their God. They will not build churches but they will bring people to Christ. Christ will set them free and Christ will build His church.
So, what should the churches response be to the chaos that is on the world?
We should draw near to God, cleanse ourselves so we are no longer weak and learn to love for love is the way of God’s servants and it is through love and obedience to God that we will know who the followers of Christ are. We should not walk in fear of what might happen in the world but we should walk in faith so that when everyone is afraid we can be a pillar that can be used to bring people to Christ.
God bless

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