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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Victory Crown

I have been having a few dreams lately about watching a race, or training for a race that is upon us,  and no more time to prepare.....this morning I dreamed
 a man and a women were cycling and running,she was on her bike and the man was about to pass her running,she stopped got off her bike and asked him did he want to ride with her,he said yes, he got on the bike and they were going to continue,he was obviously very fit and strong and fast,he was the one going to pedal now.
the next scene was, they were  surrounded by a crowd who seemed to be honoring them,they were each about to run a 100 meter race,it was being announced,the woman read out the announcement that the man was going to run,she was smiling at him and very pleased for him.
I then heard, you can't claim a victory prize if you give up,you have to keep going.

I asked the next morning ,what is happening in heaven ?  and I saw horses galloping.
it seems we are in a race,we need to persevere to obtain the victory crown. so many are facing challenging times and circumstances in their lives.
yesterday before this latest dream I had bought this at a chemist shop ,it has a crown on it,it seems to confirm the victory crown.
 just like in the dream,we may need the strength and endurance and help of others to keep on in our race.
I also was woken by a bird several weeks ago, for three mornings in a row, its call was like an alarm,it sounded like equip,equip equipment,that's it that's it equip,
 and another dream from a few weeks ago highlighted.
we need to have the new equipment for this race,the old won't do.Be a new wine skin, you will be worn out and poor if you don't have the new equipment to start this race,and it will damage those running in the race with you. There is no more time to train,the race is today it is upon us.
keep going,persevere,you will get the help and strength you need as you run your race, work together and you will obtain your victory crown

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