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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Almond tree; being awakened

after writing yesterdays post about The Church and awakening,I remembered some months ago seeing an open vision of an Almond tree,it was beautiful and after doing some research found out that the almond tree is referred to as the awakening tree.
Aaron' s rod an almond tree budded when he was being commissioned to operate at a new and higher level.This is what The Church is being called to. I am adding to this post from 2013, I inserted this picture,but I also remembered a dream about being in a high place on top  of a ladder,it was very dark,i had to remain sitting on the top step all night long,people were making the ladder unstable,I wanted them to get off. I can definitely say,I have heard God say go higher over and over.
I also heard him say get your crown on,I was sitting praying with my  wedding crown on listening to a lady on the internet,when I heard her say,I am hearing these words shouted in heaven, GET YOUR CROWN ON it is time to rule.

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