Planted By Waters

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Friday, December 16, 2016


my friend and I have been having dreams about a communal baby,we are watching over it,along with others. I then had a dream where my husband gave her a name, he called her Eden,he is the main caretaker of our garden,I design,he does the heavy work.In the dream he was being very solicitous of this baby making sure she was being watched and cared for. I think many are being called to watch over Eden at this time,some who know her father well and some who don't even know him yet.
my neighbor in the dream,called out her name,to make sure she was ok,she was outside our front fence in her basket,my husband called she was fine.

here is a picture of our Eden,our garden,this is why we call ourselves
planted by waters,because when in summer when the monsoon trough passes this way,we have a creek running through our property,and we also live near the sea,hence the plural waters.
I hope and pray Eden grows well,is watched and loved and cared for and flourishes like a well watered garden

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